Document Shredding Services

On-Site or Off-Site Document Shredding Available

Shredding Documents

Paperwork that businesses and offices collect from employees, customers or patients frequently contains private information. These kinds of documents require destruction or shredding as legally mandated by FACTA and HIPAA laws on a federal level and may also be subject to state and local laws as well. 

While the regular method of an office shredder seems secure, these documents are shredded but then left in the trash where they can be found and compromised. 

Documents to Shred

All levels of government are increasing enforcement of data privacy laws to protect consumers and businesses from fraud.  To reduce your risk, document management is an important part of being compliant.

Let us help you protect your business or professional practice.  We want to help you make sure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.


Protect Your Private Information

No job is too large or too small!

Responsible Recycling Services, LLC can offer you a cost-effective, secure solution for your document shredding needs. We customize our services to your specific business needs.

Document Shredding Recycling

Our service options are secure, either on-site or off-site. The shredding material is always transported in locked containers.  We are working with a NAAID certified company and you will receive a Certificate of Destruction for FACTA and HIPPA compliance. The shredded paper is then transported to local facilities where the shredded material is recycled to be used again. 


Host a Shredding Event!

You provide the location, we provide the Shredding Truck and friendly employees to assist in on-site document shredding services!

This is a great way for large corporations to destroy documents on-site and offer personal shredding services to employees or customers. A Shredding Event is an awesome service for a municipality to offer to their residents.

Paper Recycling Facts

On-site shredding (mobile)

Off-site plant based shredding

One-time purges

Ongoing pick up or on-site shredding services

Office consoles
(secure and attractive)

Scheduled contract shredding

By-the-box economical pricing (Off-site)

Free containers available

Pricing by the container