Recycling Responsibility

Responsible Recycling Services, LLC was built on integrity...

It is our mission to save our Earth’s valuable resources and reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfills.

We strive to make our mission benefit YOU. We have researched processes and partner companies to make recycling for residents as easy as possible.

Recyle your computer monitors...
  • Large corporations, industrial clients, small businesses and residents are pleased with our low cost services, attention to detail and our ability to make recycling work for each individual company.
  • We work closely with the DEP and EPA to follow all local, state and federal guidelines.
  • We have attended webinars, seminars and set up site visits from the governing bodies to educate ourselves on our processes and the downstream of vendors we utilize to complete the recycling process.
  • We have educated ourselves on the new CDRA law that has recently gone into effect in Pennsylvania.

Responsible Recycling Services believes our family of large corporations, municipalities, small businesses and enthusiastic residents will lead the way in our company’s growth. Each member of our team cares about every client, every resident, and every piece of material that is recycled. 

Responsible Recycling Services is committed to ensuring every transaction with us will be a professional and pleasant experience. We strive to always work harder to find solutions for all your recycling needs.


We promise to always be there with answers to your questions, responsible tracking of your material
and a smile to complete the service.

We stand behind our promises.

Many companies SAY they are doing the right thing; but are they?

Responsible Recycling Services will happily provide you with our internal audit which includes our list of recycling partners, refurbishers and plastic, paper and metal recovery specialists.

We want you to feel confident in selecting us to recycle your electronics, paper and metal products.